Indigenous People’s Day 2020

Indigenous People’s Day 2020

Today we are highlighting Indigenous People’s Day! Although Columbus Day is an official holiday in the United States, Indigenous People have inhabited the Americas long before Christopher Columbus landed in the Western Hemisphere. Indigenous communities are hugely diverse in their languages, cultures, and histories. Learn more about Indigenous people in the Americas with these resources!

Read: Overview of Indigenous People’s Day from the Smithsonian Magazine

Watch: PBS Learning Media on Indigenous People’s Day

Interact: Celebrating Indigenous Languages

Google Earth interactive map featuring speakers of Indigenous languages throughout the world including many from North, Central and South America:

Spotlight on: The Taíno people who Christopher Columbus first encountered on his trip to the Carribean (Indigenous to islands and areas throughout the Carribean, including present day Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, and Florida)

Carribean Indigenous Languages Project:

Taíno culture for kids:

Polynesian culture:

Photo Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

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